Graham Humphrys Architects is a small, hands-on architectural practice that provides a full suite of planning and design services for homes and commercial projects. Each of our designs is individually tailored to the client’s brief. What you get is a distinctive design that meets your needs.

At the heart of every great design is a mutually trusting relationship between the client and their designer. We understand this. We listen to our clients’ needs and ensure they are at the centre of the design and building process. At the same time, we offer exciting design solutions that are inspiring, yet practical, and that meet client expectations, and budgets.

We have successfully adopted this approach on nearly 250 projects.

Where possible, our designs incorporate the latest environmental and technological innovations to reflect contemporary needs and values.

When you visit our projects, you will notice a preference for recycled timbers, passive solar heating, breezeways, natural light, and flexible living spaces. The homes and commercial premises we design are light-filled, airy, and comfortable, and acoustically treated to provide the peace and quiet you need.

As a small practice, we can guarantee attention to detail through the involvement of our principal architects on every project.