This renovation involved a major alteration and addition to the original dwelling to provide a spacious, contemporary home.

  • Garden House - Kensington 1
  • Garden House - Kensington 2
  • Garden House - Kensington 3
  • Garden House - Kensington 4
  • Garden House - Kensington 5

The  brief

Our client required major changes to the original two-bedroom dwelling to provide space, natural light, a children’s play area and solar protection from the afternoon sun.

Design  intent

To emphasise the sense of contrast between the intimate sleeping zone and the open activity spaces.

The  result

We designed a modern four-bedroom home renovation with generous living areas, and outdoor spaces that are pleasant to use, even on hot days.

The house features a double-height living room with an extended clerestory that bathes the room in natural light. As the living area faces west, we extended the roof over the glass to provide protection from the afternoon sun. A rear pergola provides additional solar protection, and an enjoyable outdoor living space.

The house also features natural ventilation and breezeways to preclude the need for mechanical ventilation.

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